Office 365

Migrate your business to the cloud

Office 365 syncs emails, calendars, and contact information across your devices in real time. So it’s up to date, no matter what device you are using.

How Office 365 cloud based tools are changing your business

In past office environments when it came to meetings, everyone was gathered in the office with their pens and paper. In today’s office environment things are a lot different. Staff are now wanting a more flexible way in working where they can use various devices in different locations like the office, car or home.

Using Office 365 Business this scenario becomes a reality enabling your staff to work more efficiently and productively whilst meeting your future business goals.

This is where I come in, I help you make that transition to Office 365 Business at a cost effective way with the least disruptions to your staff during the migration.

How cloud based collaboration is changing your business

Business owners know full well that communication and collaboration between their staff is the best way to maximize productivity. Using Office 365, staff can work online from any computer, tablet or phone and at any location 24hrs a day.
Microsoft is always adding more tools to it’s cloud subscriptions as well as making the user interface as friendly as possible. Many businesses are now migrating to Office 365 to enhance their productivity and this where I can help..

Reasons why I recommend Office 365

Cloud Storage: virtually unlimited available file storage for your business and no need to worry about the size of your mailboxes anymore.

Cost-effective: IT costs stay consistent enabling businesses to budget accordingly depending on the number of users.

Reliable: 24hr service running from various servers around the world. So if your device changes or crashes you will always be up and running because everything is in the cloud.

Easy Log-On: log onto your device once and have access to over 20+ applications as well as the full Microsoft Office suite that 90% of business employees are already familiar with.

Organized: All your data is stored in one place and is easy to access aywhere, at anytime and on any device.

The Security & Compliance Center: designed to help you manage compliance and security features across Office 365 for your organization.

Updates: Office 365 takes care of itself whilst bringing new and exciting features saving you IT staff costs.

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